Vios Box


The Vios enclosure is Sitep’s ultimate electro-optical unit that enables target detection and tracking functionality. It includes the following optical payloads:

  • 1 HD Camera
  • 1 Thermal Camera
  • 1 Laser Range Finder
  • 1 Laser Dazzler

The HD and IR cameras are integral components of the Sitep Proprietary Vios Platform®, currently interfaced with a Vios Core® board. Conversely, the Laser Dazzler and the LRF are independently managed by a dedicated CPU.

The Vios® (visible & infrared optical system) represents a vertical hardware-software architecture designed by Sitep Italia for the management and processing of multiple video sources. It stands as the natural evolution of the existing electro-optic systems for the legacy branch products.

Vios® is built upon Sitep’s proprietary GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) technology, with the goal of minimizing obsolescence issues and enhancing computing power. This approach allows the integrated neural network monitoring and stabilization algorithms to perform at their optimal levels. Key characteristics:
• Comprehensive control over visible and thermal protocols
• Tri-axial stabilization (combination of mechanical and software stabilization)
• Supports video resolution up to 4K
• Various types of thermal sensors for customizable integration
• Compact physical dimensions for simplified integration
• Sitep Italia proprietary expertise
• The Vios Core features embedded software developed on the Linux operating system, facilitating the connection of camera sensors with the control console and enabling:
• Real-time hardware video coding/decoding
• State-of-the-art object tracking system (typically coupled with product-dedicated mechanical axes)
• Capability to manage multiple video feeds
• High performance facilitated by a dedicated Neural Network
• The ViOS® CORE is the result of extensive research, using field-tested middleware and libraries developed over years of exploration into technologies based on artificial intelligence applied to image processing.

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