UHF MilSatCom Antenna


The Sitep UHF MILSATCOM Antenna System is a direct derivation of Sitep’s technology utilized for its shipboard UHF MILSATCOM Antenna Systems and VSAT terminals.
It functions as a directional receive and transmit UHF SATCOM system, aligning the antennas for UHF MILSATCOM communications with the selected satellite. It maintains this alignment by compensating for variations in the ship’s heading and geographic position that may occur during maneuvers.
The system comprises an Antenna Assembly AB- (Inertial Measuring Unit). Although the antenna’s large beamwidth might be sufficient, particularly when the system is installed on board large vessels.
The antenna system provides 360° azimuth coverage. In installations where the ship’s superstructures obstruct the line of sight between the antenna and the satellite during maneuvering, a dual antenna system is available. In such cases, the system automatically switches the RF signals from the antenna approaching the obstruction to the other one.TThe system automatically chooses the antenna with the optimal visibility of the satellite to position it in a way that keeps the satellite at the center of the antenna beam. Roll and pitch compensation is facilitated by an internal Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

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