GPS Military System Sitep Italia

Military Land GPS-7380(V)


Sitep Military Land GPS CP-7381(V)20 is an accurate, secure, and fully MIL grade GPS for land vehicle applications.
Sitep Military Land GPS CP-7381(V)20 is equipped with the Precise P(Y) Positioning System (PPS) SAASM core module and is prepared to incorporate the new M-Code technology.
The PPS is a Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM), increasing the system security.
Sitep Military Land GPS CP-7381(V)20 meets all key environmental MIL standards. It provides PTTI (Precise Time & Time Indication) output and features 12-channel continuous satellite tracking for effective all-in-view operation.
Fully compliant with the most stringent MIL-Standards, the Sitep Military Land GPS CP-7381(V)20 boasts the capability to record 20 routes and 200 waypoints for each route.

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