Multirole Acoustic Stabilized System MASS CS-524


The MASS – Multirole Acoustic Stabilized System is a defense device that provides a solution for naval, defence, and security forces dealing with asymmetrical threats in various operational scenarios. These scenarios may include self-defence, operational patrolling, combat support, or any situation where non-lethal deterrent actions against small or medium-sized vessels are deemed essential.

Deterrent actions are executed by combining high-intensity, long-range acoustic and dazzling emissions directed towards the target through an integrated electro-optical payload enabled with neural network-based tracking software.

In addition to these core functionalities, the integration includes additional features such as a searchlight for nocturnal illumination of medium-range targets. The system also has the capability to record both the audio messages sent and the video stream from the cameras. This recording functionality serves for future reference or as evidence of the countermeasures employed in deterring the target.

MASS can also find application in situations where no deterrent action is required, but the long-range acoustic and illumination capabilities can be useful to conclude search and rescue missions. This is particularly relevant in operations such as refugee saving missions.

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