The viOS® (visible & infrared Optical System) platform is a vertical hardware-software architecture for the management and processing of multiple video sources developed by Sitep Italia as a natural evolution of the electro-optical systems already used in legacy products.

Based on proprietary GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) technology, viOS® minimises obsolescence dependencies, exponentially increases computation capabilities and brings the performance of the integrated neural network, monitoring and stabilisation on the digital axis to the highest achievable level

  • Full control of video, visible and thermal protocols
  • Three-axis stabilisation (combined mechanical/software stabilisation)
  • Video with up to 4K resolution
  • Custom integration of thermal sensors of different characteristics (LWIR, MWIR, etc.)
  • Minimisation of physical dimensions to facilitate integration
    High MTBF
  • Sitep Italia proprietary know-how

viOS® CORE is software that runs on an embedded platform. The software is based on the S.O. LINUX and acts as a bridge between the camera sensors and the control/management systems. The viOS® CORE platform allows

  • Real-time hardware video decoding/encoding
  • Generic object tracking based on state-of-the-art technology (usually integrated with product-specific mechanical axis)
  • The management of multiple video feeds
  • Achieving high performance through the use of a customised neural network

The easily extensible and highly scalable viOS® CORE architecture gives the possibility to improve and adapt the product to new challenges coming from the market, while maintaining compatibility with existing software.

The software makes use of middleware and libraries field-tested by R&D personnel and is the result of years of research and development of technologies based on artificial intelligence applied to image processing.